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My grandmother was prescribed with Nootropil to treat her cognitive disorders. Of course, she is an elderly person (76 years of age) but we all want our dear people to stay active and healthy as long as possible. Some 7 months ago she started presenting first signs of initial dementia - she started to forget where she was going, or she could spent several minutes looking for her book that was all this time in her hands. I know that even young people often behave like that and I can turn over the entire house looking for my glasses without noticing that I'm already wearing them. But for my grandmother it was absolutely untypical. And it was obvious that she herself was surprised and depressed by such changes. Once she went to the local grocery store and couldn't find her way back home until our neighbor helped her. That was a shock; she refused to talk about the incident. We asked our family doctor to talk to her and persuade to take some pills without mentioning such words as 'dementia' or 'cognitive decline'. After the consultation she looked much more enthusiastic. He prescribed her with Nootropil and she started taking it on a regular basis. And the medication is really effective. She is just the way she used to be - no memory lapses, no slow thinking. We understand that it is impossible to reverse the aging process, but at least we can make her aging less stressful with the help of such wonderful meds as Nootropil.

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